Friday , 19 January 2018


Have you heard the Most Beautiful Sound in the World?

By CBC News A two-minute recording from a Malaysian swamp at dusk has been judged The Most Beautiful Sound in the World in an online competition. ...Read the news Source: CBC - Te ...

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Rosetta comet probe wakes from space hibernation

By The Associated Press A comet-chasing space probe that has been in hibernation for almost three years has woken up and sent its first signal back to Earth. ...Read the news Sour ...

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Rosetta comet probe to wake from space hibernation

By The Associated Press Europe's Rosetta probe is due to wake up from years of hibernation Monday, but scientists face an agonizing wait of several hours until the first signal re ...

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'Toxic' culture and job losses at Canadian water-research lab

By CBC News There are at least 20 fewer federal research scientists at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington after a wave of government cutbacks ...Read the news Sourc ...

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Why are Canadians buying Bitcoin?

By Matthew Kang As Bitcoin gains more traction around the world, an increasing number of Canadians are taking a chance on the virtual currency. ...Read the news Source: CBC - Tech ...

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FAA decision could ground space tourists

By Lucas Powers Almost 700 people have paid $250K to go to space aboard Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, but until the FAA grants the company a commercial operator's licence, not e ...

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Wearable technology 2014: a head-to-toe guide

By Kim Nursall - Staff Reporter Look smart, and be smarter, as you dress yourself in these wearable gadgets anticipated in 2014. ...Read the news Source: The Star - Technology sto ...

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Put your face on Beyonce's body

By Netted ...Read the news Source: The Star - Technology stories     ...

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CES: Five hyped innovations that give us hope

By Raju Mudhar - Tech Reporter Cloud, curve, steam, smoke and brushes are a few of the big announcements from the Consumer Electronics show that got us excited. ...Read the news S ...

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