Friday , 5 January 2018

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Reptile park offers alligator wrestling class

A reptile park in Colorado is offering people a chance to wrestle alligators for about $100. There's obviously a lot of controversy surrounding that explains Patrick Jones (@Patri ...

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Woman slams reversing car into arresting cop

A bad way to break free ...Read the news Source:: msn News – New Brunswick ...

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Belgian child first to be euthanised

The head of the national committee for euthanasia could not release any details on the minor, but described it as an exceptional case of a child with a terminal illness ...Read th ...

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SNC-Lavalin suing to recover millions of dollars lost in alleged bribe scheme

SNC-Lavalin is suing to recover $22.5 million its former top executives allegedly paid in bribes to win the government contract to build Montreal's McGill University Health Centre ...

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Woman held in connection with death of Kim Jong-un's half-brother

Kim Jong Nam, estranged from the North's ruling dynasty, was apparently poisoned in an airport attack. ...Read the news Source:: msn News – Prince Edward Island ...

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ISIS still controls Iraqi towns even as Mosul falls

The Islamic State remains a formidable global threat and still clings to large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria despite the group's imminent loss of Mosul, Iraq's second-larg ...

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Woman mauled to death at lion park: Report

An American tourist is dead after she was reportedly mauled to death on Monday at Lion Park north of Johannesburg, South African media is reporting. The woman and another passenge ...

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